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The exhaust and muffler on your vehicle serve two main purposes, one being to reduce the amount of engine noise you hear in the interior of your vehicle, and the second being to prevent toxic gas from entering your vehicle. They also help in minimizing the amount of pollution that your vehicle causes in the atmosphere by filtering out carbon monoxide emissions. 

When your muffler or exhaust begins to malfunction, you need to take it to someone who will be able to effectively solve the issue. At Total Car Care of San Antonio Texas‘ auto shop, our mechanics are equipped with the right tools and equipment to get the job done in no time. 

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All of our automotive repair specialists in our auto shop are trained and certified to ensure that you receive lasting service results. Our team will perform a complete diagnostic on your vehicle to assess the behavior of your muffler/exhaust system, the results gained from these tests will allow us to choose the optimal repair approach. 

Anything from loose brackets, clogged valves, pinholes, and catalytic converter malfunctions can affect the condition of your exhaust and muffler system. Typically, you’ll know that your muffler needs to be brought into an auto shop because they are very loud when malfunctioning. This is when it is the perfect time to bring your vehicle into our automotive repair shop. 

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Once our diagnostic is complete, we will begin the process of disassembling the muffler and exhaust housing to see what repairs are needed. If any parts are missing, broken, or malfunctioning, our repair techs will replace them with high-quality compatible parts so that your vehicle can be restored to a functioning condition.

After the repair process is complete, we’ll perform a second diagnosis on your vehicle to ensure that all of the new parts are correctly calibrated and working. We possess the knowledge necessary to work on muffler and exhausts installed in virtually any vehicle.  

If you’re interested in our exhaust and muffler repair services, feel free to give us a call or fill out the contact form to receive a free quote. We provide a 100% auto service guarantee on all of our maintenance and repair procedures, so your vehicle is always protected. 

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